Experience Cape Girardeau’s charming European heritage in the historic Marquette Tower with a visit to Baristas Coffee Bar.

The Coffee
Baristas’ distinctive coffees originate from single source crops spread around the world.  These distant soils infuse exotic flavors into coffee beans during their growth, skilled roasters unfold these flavors, and our extensively trained baristas handcraft each cup through pour over, French press and espresso brewing methods.  Throughout the farm-to-cup process, our coffee’s quality and flavors are highlighted and enhanced where mass production and brewing practices often disturb them.

The Nostalgia
Baristas artisan quality beverages are complimented by a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a time when quality and craftsmanship were always expected.  Located in Cape Girardeau’s historic Marquette Tower, Baristas has been styled in tribute to its 1920’s birth and European heritage.  Just as the grand Marquette was built when handcrafted quality wasn’t sacrificed for price or deadline, Baristas is resurrecting the same attention to detail in its products and complete experience.


AS OF 2/24/17

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